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The differences between digital native learners and digital immigrant teachers.
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Digital Native Learners
Digital Immigrant Teachers
Prefer receiving information quickly from multiple multimedia sources.
Prefer slow and controlled release of information from limited sources.
Prefer parallel processing and multitasking.
Prefer singular processing and single or limited tasking.
Prefer processing pictures, sounds and video before text.
Prefer to provide text before pictures, sounds and video.
Prefer random access to hyperlinked multimedia information.
Prefer to provide information linearly, logically and sequentially.
Prefer to interact/network simultaneously with many others.
Prefer students to work independently rather than network and interact.
Prefer to learn “just-in-time.”
Prefer to teach “just-in-case” (it’s on the exam).
Prefer instant gratification and instant rewards.
Prefer deferred gratification and deferred rewards.
Prefer learning that is relevant, instantly useful and fun.
Prefer to teach to the curriculum guide and standardized tests.
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*Ian Jukes and Anita Dosaj, The InfoSavvy Group, February 2003.