Looking for information to give to your teachers during those first few days of school? What do you need to share with them about your library? Here are a few ideas:

  • I give out schedule info, library hours, and a general list of things
that I will be teaching throughout the year.

  • I try to create a calm environment in the library and set up booksappropriate for reading aloud the first week.

  • I give the teachers in grades 3-5 a Bluebonnet brochure, and all
teachers get a copyright/fair use information document. I have created
a brochure for the document cameras that I will probably make
available to any who need it.

  • I always give the grade 3-5 teachers a Bluebonnet poster (from Follett,
Permabound, or whoever will give them to me), and a Texas 2x2 poster to
the K-2 teachers from Follett. It comes with an invitation from me to
schedule their classes so that we can all talk about the programs and
how to find the books in the library.

  • I also have a Kindergarten letter (in Spanish and English) that goes
home with each student. It is specifically about the importance of
reading to and with their children and includes a handout of Rosemary
Wells Read to Your Bunny flyer.

  • Last year I bought bright orange folders for every teacher and
professional staff person (including Fine Arts, Counselor, Principal,
etc.) and placed in each one:

Library Policies/Procedures
Newbery Award Winners
Caldecott Award Winners
Coretta Scott King Award Winners
Tomas Rivera Award Winners
Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees
Texas Bluebonnet Award Winners
How to Access Databases, including passwords
How to access my school's online library catalog from home or classroom
websites of all the local public libraries
Info. on IKeepBookmarks.com - how to use it and how to access the
account where I store all my useful websites,
separated into subject folders
Info. on our district's Professional Library & Media Center - hours,
services, etc.

  • Sometimes I added a candy treat or small gift. I've
discovered that in the mountain of info teachers receive at the
beginning of the year, the library stuff is lost in the shuffle so I try
to give the same info again sometime during the year. Either way,
teachers are always surprised when I show them a program or website that
I've advertised all year (but it just isn't significant enough to

  • AR information and how they can use it in their classroom to monitor
student success, new procedures I want to put into place.
A form for sending a student to the library for independent research
I have not thought out anything completely, but I am working on it.

  • I have in the past had a little PowerPoint orientation that I would
e-mail the teachers, as well as a handout or two on library services.

  • This summer I am revising the Class Set information. I will produce a
hard copy for each teacher, and also the permanent location on the
LAN. The teachers will be able to view updates on-line.

  • I also send out e-mails to each department listing the new books and
videos purchased for their department. We are a 5-6
campus...elementary really, but also have the components of secondary
in that we do have departments. Of course, if I
am really organized I sometimes do a new materials tea so the teachers can
examine the new books while getting a free snack. (Teachers will do a lot
for free food.)

  • One thing I do is make it clear that I do not want to be the
laminating queen. Yes, the laminator is housed in the library, but I
do not want to be in charge of laminating everyones stuff. I tell
teachers I will be happy to show them how to laminate and they can
laminate to their hearts content. I usually stick around while people
laminate to remind them to watch the "tail" to make sure it doesn't
wrap back around etc.....This has gone very well and I've had no foul
ups so far.

  • A list of the die cuts we have, the different colors of
bulletin board paper, information about copyright, the days that we
laminate (after the initial rush when school starts).

  • What I would REALLY like is 15 minutes at the first staff meeting to
    show some enthusiasm and interest. I begged for some time last year
    and never got it so doubt seriously I'll get it next year, either.
> I plan to poll the teachers at the start by asking each to send me an
  • e-mail. In the subject line they will be asked to type "Big Ideas for
  • XXX (subject name)" In the body of the e-mail I want 3 or 4 of the
  • biggest projects, themes, subject areas, etc., that will be taught
  • over the course of the year. I can then use that to run bibs and find
  • the holes in this collection that I'm still learning. This was my
  • first year at high school. I found some of the holes when a class
  • showed up at the door saying they were researching XXX and I had
  • nothing to offer them. It was very sad.

  • This year I will have at least 4 new teachers in the elementary so I will
    have to think again what I put together for them. I usually give them my
    schedule and my aides schedule. We also put in a sheet about laminating.
    This year I will need to put in something on how to use InfoCentre.
    Attached is a bag of goodies that I put together 2 years ago about the
    media center. I might do that again this year since we have so many new

  • The new teacher sheet was one that I gave to new staff members with a special
    orientation to bring them on board last year. Last year at some point
    you had also sent out some e-newsletter templates and I did use those
    to give my staff updates, professional information, and other library
    related tid bits.
    The one that I attach is dated June since I just looked at it, but I
    actually sent that out in early September. Each year I tweak what I do
    and provide something a little different.
  • *** I am working on a booklet on how to access our OPAC from their desks and at
  • home. (They HAVE been trained on it but....) Only one teacher uses it and
  • compiles her own lists of books she wants and then emails me the list. So
  • easy!
> * I also have a Staff Open House on the campus work day before students
  • arrive. I clean out all my TLA stuff (posters, galley proofs, trinkets,
  • etc.) New books from my Spring order will be on display as well as materials
  • from the professional shelf (seldom used area.) One of my book venders will
  • have a display and teachers can select books they would like to see in the
  • library. (The vendor will compile a list and I can use it for part of my
  • Fall order. Naturally I don't order everything, but they can't say their
  • input wasn't sought.) There will be snacks and door prizes.**

  • I have one page information sheets specialized per department (I'm in
    a high school) noting materials and services the library has JUST FOR
    THEM--databases, reference and non-reference, special magazines etc.
    I also include a few pieces of information that new teachers might not
    know such as where to get various supplies, our street address and
    main telephone numbers. I wait until the beginning of the second week
    of school to give it to them. And I use the brightest colored index
    stock I can find to print it on.
                                                            • *