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Edutopia's Digital Cameras Inside and Outside the Classroom

Kathy Schrock's Devices in the Classroom

Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom -- a list of ideas for using cameras in the classroom; a great start to implementing technology.

Using Digital Cameras for Classroom Projects --- a great step-by-step instructional guide for using digital cameras in the classroom.

The Future of Math: Digital Cameras in the Classroom ---- a Best Buy Technology winner shares his use of digital cameras in the math classroom.

Ideas for Using Digital Images in the Classroom ---- some great ideas for teaching visual literacy and for using cameras in the classroom.

KODAK's K-12 Solutions for Digital Cameras --- a great list of lesson plans for using cameras in the classroom for all grades.

Support for Digital Cameras --- a lengthy list of ways to use digital cameras, plus other links of interest.

Going Digital --- Why Should I Use a Digital Camera in the Classroom?

Picturing Literacy --- Some great ideas for using digital cameras and images within the classroom; a great way to integrate cameras in elementary school.