**Guide to Grammar & Writing**
You will find a wealth of materials for teachers and students on this site. Drop-down menus provide easy access to information on word- and sentence-level helps, paragraph aids, and essay and research paper materials. Other options access several PowerPoint presentations, which make excellent introduction and review activities for a one-computer classroom. An Ask Grammar feature is also found at the site.

**Atlantic Monthly**
Looking for places to enhance a poetry unit? This site includes both print and audio versions of poems published in the current and past issues. Features related to the genre are also easily accessed. One example is a Soundings feature on Robert Frost's "The wood-pile." Here students find a discussion of the poem, the complete text and audio files with three different readers. This is a great reference tool and a good source of warm-up activities and thoughtful insights into literature.

**Author Webliography**
Here we find one of the best lists of classic author homepages to be found on the Web. Developed by Louisiana State University and updated by the librarians, this is a good starting point for students.

Discussing the ease of plagiarism with electronic resources, this article provides links to a number of sites used by students to download research papers, as well as ideas for crafting assignments to encourage original student work. Another worthwhile article on this topic is written by Jamie McKenzie. The New Plagiarism http://emifyes.iserver.net/fromnow/may98/cov98may.html offers several suggestions for crafting assignments to encourage student-constructed knowledge http://www.teachers-connect.net/cc/98-99/cybercheat.htm


WebQuest Sites

Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Stand Up has students take on the role of jurors as they compile information and evidence to decide who really did write Shakespearean plays.

Heart of Darkness is designed for use after students have read this Joseph Conrad novel. Students choose one of five types of literary criticism and then critique the Conrad work.

The Odyssey assigns students the task of developing part of a Heroes theme park related to Odysseus. This is a great motivational project for the culmination of study on this classic.

Keep the Fire Burning is designed for Grade 7 students to put research and writing skills to work as they update the Billy Joel classic with events from the 20th century.

We Didn't Start the Fire WebQuest

Mythology WebQuest turns middle school students into time travelers who visit Ancient Greece and Rome and develop news articles about their findings.

Magical Fairytale Moments elementary students read fairy tales and then write one of their own.